How to wear your Frenchie all year round

Our frenchies arrived on your doorsteps just in time to save the day in
Melbourne’s seemingly never-ending wintery lockdown.

  •  They provided you with the much-needed comfort, warmth and relaxation we so desperately needed.
  •  So, whilst the weather begins to warm up and the doors to life as we know it begin to slowly open again, don’t put your Frenchies away for next winter, instead keep them handy.

Outdoor fun:
You can picnic in the park on a cool spring day, cosied up in your Frenchie for when that unpredictable Melbourne breeze hits.
Camping becomes glamping when you slip into your Frenchie. Forget the days of
lounging uncomfortably in that swag, because Frenchie is perfect for those late-night walks and sitting around the campfire stargazing whilst toasting those marshmallows.

Movie Mania:
Are you longing for those summer nights at the drive ins in the back of the open boot,
bundled up among blankets and mountains of snacks? Now you can count your
Frenchie in too!
Reclining chairs, fresh popcorn, surround sound, these are the fundamentals of enjoying
a great movie at the Cinema. This almost perfect scenario can only be improved by the
one and only Frenchie, there to keep you cosy while watching the newest, biggest

Relaxation mode:
The stress of getting ready before a night out is something we have all experienced
once or twice. Frantically running around getting ready, check! Makeup not looking right? Check! Uber pulling up and sculling that drink, check! The comfort of Frenchie will see you through to the minute you’re ready to go, only to be thrown right back on the minute you roll back in the door.
After a long day at work or stressed out because of school or uni sometimes the cure is simple. A nice, hot shower, getting into your favourite jumper and cosying up in bed with a movie or book can be all you need to wind down. Let Frenchie guide you into that relaxation station.

  •  Lightweight and sweat-reducing is a dream come true for the warmer days to come, the quick-drying material will leave your skin free of any unwanted moisture.
  • With our lightweight, breathable, fleece fabric, the Frenchie was born to see you comfortably through all seasons.

Ways to wear your Frenchie Year Round ! 🌎 

  • Drive Ins 
  • Late night walks 
  • Movie nights 
  • Before a night out ( putting on makeup ) 
  • After a shower 
  • Camping

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