10 Blanket Hoodies to Keep You Warm and Cosy All Winter -BY POPSUGAR

There aren’t many fashion inventions that give us as much joy as the blanket hoodie. They became wildly popular during covid lockdowns — because who doesn’t want to be drowning in soft, fleecy fabric when they’re stuck inside? — and have remained a staple in every at-home wear wardrobe.

But blanket hoodies don’t have to just be worn around the house. Some brands have designed super stylish blanket hoodies that could easily be worn in public. Heading for a walk with your pup on a cold winter’s morning? Throw one over the top of a cute outfit.

We’ve compiled a list of our 10 favourite blanket hoodies on the market right now.


Frenchie Wear

1. Beige Frenchie

Match with your Frenchie in this Beige Frenchie ($89) hooded blanket,hand crafted with only the finest yet durable fleece exterior and lined with our ultra-soft Sherpa fleece interior, ensuring that your comfort is not left untamed. Full article at - https://www.popsugar.com.au/living/15-cosy-blanket-hoodies-including-best-selling-oodie-47616753