Why Frenchie ? 💕

OUR MUST-HAVE FRENCHIE HOODED BLANKET – open “comfy”ness with our unique cosy & luxurious oversized hooded blanket. Frenchie, a premium combination between a comfy blanket and hoody. “Comfiness“ for the everyone with adults sizing, kids sizing, couple packs & family packs with also comfy accessories such as socks, sleep masks and may more Frenchie products to come !! ITS ALSO VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE !

Is it comfy and warm? ☁️ 

With hundreds of happy customers, it will be the “comfiest” item of clothing you will own. You might as well throw out those old scrappy jumpers and worn-down robes because you will never want to take off our Frenchie ever again. Designed to offer unrivalled warmth and comfort, the Frenchie hooded blanket sweatshirt is the ultimate partner for keeping you comfortable and cozy on those days where you do not want to get out of bed. 

Delivery ? 🚚 

WE NOW OFFER NEXT DAY DISPATCH WITH EXPRESS - We get it, everyone can be a little impatient. We want to make sure you can experience the comfort of our Frenchie Products as soon as possible instead of making you wait by the door for the delivery to come. 

That is why we dispatch your order as soon as so that you’ll be snuggling up on the couch in your BRAND-NEW Frenchie products as soon as possible

Because lets face it, who wants to wear anything else. 

Does COVID 19 impact delivery ? 📦 

Delivery service is making every effort to meet delivery times, however due to the changing circumstances there will be slight delays in regards to shipping which we hope our Frenchie Family will understand. Please leave a minimum of 10-15 business days after the estimated delivery date. Whilst most customers still receive their products within 2-8 business days depending on shipping due to COVID 19 there may be some delays. If you have any questions in regards to our COVID 19 update please do not hesitate to contact us through our social channels such as instagram (@frenchiewear.aus), Facebook or via email. 


How to contact us ? 📞 

If you still need more info after reading our FAQs you can email us on hello@frenchiewear.com.au or we welcome your message on our Facebook or Instagram Page.


Easy to wash ? 🧼 

ABSOLUTELY … We realized that once you buy our Frenchie it will be the only thing you will wear around the house again, so we understand that it is inevitable you might spill some of that hot chocolate when you’re favourite show throws another plot twist at you. This is why we spent countless hours dirtying, washing, and dirtying our Frenchie to make sure that our materials never lose their touch. No special dry cleaners are needed, just simply use your regularly washing machine and we guarantee your Frenchie will stay soft and comfortable!

P.S - Please ensure you follow the prompts on your Frenchie tag inside the lining of the product.