About Us

The story of Frenchie.

Frenchie began 12 months ago, when two Melbourne boys saw a clear gap in the market for a hoodie unlike any other.

A hoodie that was comfortable. That was soft. That oozed warmth. A hoodie that hugged you.

We tried them all, but to no avail, nothing we found was good enough. Nothing provided us with that instant warmth and comfort we were after, and this is why we developed this blanket, for you. Because we knew, if we, two simple boys from Melbourne were longing for the best hoodie of our lives, then you all would be too. This was the birth of the Frenchie.

Why Frenchie you ask? It is simple, we combined the three things we love the most; warmth, comfort, and French Bulldogs of course. Having both grown up with the most adorable French Bulldogs, we believed it was fate, and it became a no brainer to name our beloved brand after our beloved pets.

We went back to the drawing board, and asked our friends and family what they would want in the ultimate hooded blanket. There were 3 answers that came up over and over again. Warmth. Comfort. Breathability. And it is these 3 things which we pride our product in offering each and every customer, each and every time they wear their very own Frenchie.

When creating our ‘Frenchies’, we tried and tested endless fabrics and blends. We could have chosen anything that was warm, but we did not want our hooded blankets to be like any other; we wanted them to be the best on the market. Yes, most other blankets and hoodies feel great, at first. However, we noticed after even one wash, they lost that softness, that we, and many others, longed for. That is why in our hooded blankets, we offer you only the finest blend of Sherpa fleece.

This is the secret behind our Frenchies. The reason why they maintain their soft, fluffy texture, wash, after wash, after wash. And the reason why they can provide you the warmth you want; with the breathability you need.

We mean it when we say we went back to the drawing board. After our first and second sample, our product was good, but it was not perfect, it lacked the same characteristic that every other hooded blanket on the market did. Breathability.

What is the point of having the best hooded blanket if you are just bathing in your own sweat? Breathability was the key in making sure Frenchies are warm, but do not lock in heat all together. This is where our refined blend and lightweight construction really shows its power, wicking away any moisture from the skin.

Finally, through holding our Frenchie to only the highest of standards, and being its greatest critic, we created the ultimate hooded blanket.

We are proud to introduce you to the Frenchie, the finest hooded blanket offering its wearers the holy trinity; comfort, warmth and breathability.