Silk Pillowcase Set + FREE Scrunchie

Say goodbye to Frizzy hair, skin crease & wrinkles! The newest addition to your skincare routine & your greatest investment. Wake up with frizz-free hair, smooth skin, crease – free skin. 

👋 Goodbye Frizz, Hello Sleek Soft hair.

😍 Crease-free skin

❄️Like turning your pillow to the cold side

High grade 22 momme mulberry silk

📏 Standard / Queen ( 51 x 76cm ) 

💸 Down to $63.96 per Pillowcase + Free Scrunchie with set 💸

Save 30% off with a set + Free Scrunchie

Ivory White
Sky Blue
Silk Sale  on now

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30 Night Guarantee
Regulates Body Temperature
Anti Frizz Prevents Split Ends
Acne Free

Goodbye Frizz, Hello Sleek Soft Hair!

Have you heard the saying - it takes a village to look like this. Well, you no longer need a whole village to look runway-ready, only Frenchie silk pillowcases. Our finest silk- pillowcases are ultimately soft and gentle on your hair leaving you with that freshly-blow waved look.

Crease-free skin.

You can never take too much care of your skin, investing in silk pillowcases can aid in stopping premature wrinkle formation and skin creasing.

While our pillowcases may be durable, your face however- not so much. You may not notice it now but all those hours of tossing and turning every night causes friction on the skin. This friction turns into creasing which in turn, turns into wrinkles. That is why silk pillowcases create the perfect resting spot for your head at night, your hair and skin will glide over the soft cooling silk, leaving those wrinkles behind.

Like turning your pillow to the cold side.

We know that you know what we’re talking about when we say nothing is more satisfying that turning your pillow over in the middle of the night and feeling the bliss of the ‘cold side’. Silk pillowcases have natural thermo-regulating properties that helps keep your temperature stabilised throughout all seasons of the year. The naturally absorbable and breathable material means that it feels cool on your face all night without having to do the flip.

More about high grade mulberry silk.

Frenchie pillowcases are made with the highest quality mulberry silk. Silk is measured in momme, the higher the momme the better-quality silk. To help you visualise this quality, we imagine sleeping on our silk pillowcases is like sleeping on a cloud, you feel like you’re floating in a perfect sleep. But any other pillowcase is like sleeping on a hessian sack, scratchy on the skin and full of bacteria.

That is why we use a high density of silk in our pillowcases for that sought-after softness.