Benefits of using a Hair turban and Cosmetic headband

Why you need a Hair turban & Cosmetic headband ? 

Benefits of Hair turban 

Our pink wrap hair towel will become an essential piece in your getting readyroutine.Using a hair turban you can say goodbye to drying your hair with heat. The hair turban dries your hair faster and without any damage. It’s the newest, gentlest way to dry your hair, leaving it healthy and without that annoying, unwanted frizz.

  • Healthy for YourHair
  • Gentlest Way to Dry Your Hair
  • Dries hair fast
  • Goodbye Frizz

Benefits of cosmetic headband 

Our cosmetic headband is the best way to keep your hair out of your face whilst tending to makeup or skincare. It is adjustable to fit you the perfect way, your hair will be kept clean and out of your way.

  • Perfect for applying makeup 
  • Keeps your hair clean whilst applying makeup and skincare 
  • Perfect for cleansing your face 
  • use in the shower to keep your hair dry 
  • and we can't forget it looks super cute 

by Jennifer Pittorino

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