Why silk is your hair’s best friend.

What is a bad hair day? By definition it is a day when one’s hair is unattractive and unmanageable. More likely than not you yourself have experienced one of these days,where nothing seems to work to fix that sudden birds nest sitting where your perfect blowout once was. The key to giving yourself the best foot forward into waking up feeling like you’re ready for a vogue photoshoot is all about how you sleep. Whether you are a side, front or back sleeper, you are spending hours on end of having your hair and face pressed up against a pillow.

All that tossing and turning causes friction which can eventuate into that dreaded bedhead and even crease the skin -in other words wrinkles. However, fear not! Silk pillowcases exist just to combat those pesty problems. Silk pillowcases are the embodiment of luxury, they are soft and creamy feeling creating the perfect surface to rest on for that much needed beauty sleep. Your hair and skin will glide over this smooth surface with less friction that would be created with that of a standard cotton pillowcase. This means less of that skin creasing and friction on the hair.

In addition to silky hair and clean skin, say goodbye to constant pillow turning to get to the cold side. Silk is a naturally absorbable and breathable material that has cooling capabilities that will reduce your body temperature when you sleep.Frenchiewear understands these are important factors which is why introducing our own silk pillowcases was a must. Our pillowcases are made with the highest quality mulberry silk, think of it as the silk equivalent to Egyptian cotton. Silk is measured in momme, the higher the momme means better-quality silk. We use a high density of silk in our pillowcases for that sought-after softness. Let your sleep be as smooth as our silk. Frenchiewear silk pillowcases. The ultimate bedding.

- Jennifer Pittorino