Tired of the same old TV Series on Netflix? Struggling to find the movies you have been dying to see?
Have you watched everything good on Netflix? Want to have access to hundreds of previously
hidden shows and movies?
If you have answered YES to any of our questions, then this hack is for perfect for you.
Unlocking the hidden shows on Netflix is as simple as 1,2,3.



Load up your browser and close all Netflix tabs.
We prefer to use Google Chrome due to its wide variety of plugins available however, you are more
than welcome to use a browser of your choice.


Find, Download and Install a VPN of your choice.
A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, changes your apparent location by sending your traffic through a
server in another location.
For this we choose to use ‘Hola’ due to its seamless interface and connection with Google Chrome,
however any paid or free VPN that lets you change your country of origin will work fine.
Google “Hola chrome extension” and select the first option.

Select the ‘Add to Chrome’ button.

If prompted, press ‘Add Extension’.

If it isn’t pinned to your taskbar already, follow the instructions to pin it above for easy access.


Launch Netflix and click on the ‘Hola’ icon now pinned to your taskbar.

Click on the Country in the middle, or the drop-down arrow and select a country of your choosing.
We recommend trying to change the VPN to either the United States or the United Kingdom to
access the widest variety of HIDDEN shows and movies on Netflix.

We use the free version, however if you are happy to, feel free to Upgrade to Plus to enjoy unlimited
data without the wait.
To use ‘Hola’ for free, simple click on the ‘stay free’ button and wait the short 5 seconds to gain full

Once the time is up, press ‘Watch Now’. The window will re-load and you will be taken to a Netflix
sign in page. Simply login with your regular Netflix account and enjoy access to hundreds of hidden
shows and movies.

The timer at the bottom indicates how long you are able to access the VPN until it will refresh. To
continue watching when the timer runs up, simply select ‘Stay Free’ and wait another 5 seconds for
more unrestricted access.
If at any point you wish to change countries, select the flag or ‘Hola’ icon in your taskbar to change
Sit back relax and enjoy access to a whole new selection of TV Series and Movies you never before
had access too.

NOTE: As a result of using a VPN, you may be notified by Netflix that you have an unknown login in a
different country. Do not be afraid, if this country corresponds to the country of the VPN you are
using, there is no reason to be alarmed; this change in your apparent location is the whole concept
which allows you to unlock new shows and movies.
DISCLAIMER: We are in no way affiliated with Hola or any other VPN provider. We merely have chosen to use ‘Hola’ as an example. There
are hundreds of different VPN providers to choose from which will be suffice. Frenchie do not take responsibility for any issues with Netflix
or any devices which may be connected to the use of a VPN service. Using a VPN to change your apparent location itself is not illegal and
will not lead to any bans from Netflix. If Netflix detect you are using a VPN, an error message will often arise which can simply be removed
by turning off the VPN service.